Update: Week 1 – 11.08.2019

Update: Week 1 – 11.08.2019

This is the first week update of how to make money starting with 150 $. The past week has been mostly a week a preparation.

Foundation Work
Thanks to Dave Bezaire for the above photo.

Update for the past week

Instead of using the “official” WordPress, I started installing the WordPress software and went about customising this – which you can find more about in How to set up a blog. The reasons for choosing WordPress vs custom WordPress I hope are very clear. For our purposes and budget, the reasons make perfect sense.

150 in 365 Update: Week #1

Also various social media has been set up, but no posts have been made. Some time was wasted in hunting and pecking for all the various social media dimensions which I put together to save time for the future. There have been some influential books and blogs, those have been supplied in the previous posts for your reference. It has helped shaped my thinking and if you read some of these books these should help you too because sometimes you just don’t know where to start.

Mentally this is also a challenge because when I started, I admit that I did have some doubt whether this project/experiment would be a complete waste of time. So, on my personal blog there are various thoughts about how can one motivate oneself and accountability which you might find useful if you are finding it difficult to start your own project.

Then just to mention something that might be interesting for a long term comparison. My personal blog Mr Upgradable Blog is an “official” WordPress instance. Whereas this blog is a custom self hosted version. The personal blog has been started, with a few posts already but as described is somewhat limited in terms of customisation due to the plan it is on. However this blog will employ every customisation we can think of, so it will be interesting to see how each one fares in terms of traffic.

Update on income and expenses

Expenses – $23.07

Below is a table of what has been spent thus far, during this preparation stage. Some domains are not revealed at this stage, but are included here for reference.

Domain Name$3.88
150in365.com domain name$9.06

Income – $0.00

There has been no income generated for the past week because I have been preparing and not focused at all on any forms of monetization. Just a reminder – this project will not reveal precise income until we have 10 YouTube subscribers.


Just want to remind you that the first 100 subscribers who follow this project will be given a surprise from the income we earn or make throughout the year, so be sure to be one of the first 100 subscribers as promised in the very first YouTube video.

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